The Neenlawat Riverside

Are you looking forward to experience the beauty and serenity of the wonderful island of Koh Samui or indulge in fun-filled and exciting full moon parties at Koh Phangan - our property is indeed the gateway to your dreams and desires! Set along the banks of Ta-Pi River, the main river of Surar Thani, the resort provides an amalgamation of wonderful settings and homely comfort. The Neenlawat Riverside Resort is the nearest resort from Surat Thani international Airport and just about 3 minutes away from Surat Thani Train Station.
The resort is situated in Khao HuaKhway, and also lets the guests enjoy water activities like fishing, kayaking, jet ski and barbeque. The fresh air and the nature of river will surely make you refreshed and rejuvenated.
Decked out with beautiful interior décor, the resort is one of a kind, offering the ideal accommodation to make your holiday memorable beyond words. We also offer taxi and transport services which are sure to make your trips easier, safer, and better than ever.
Over the years, our resort has established a striking presence in Phunphin and is renowned for being an abode of warmth and comfort. We take pride in our professional services and seamless hospitality that is sure to offer a reposeful stay for our guests